SKS VICO – Flawless elegance in glass

The new SKS video indoor station VICO hands-free is characterized by a high-quality real glass surface and, with its puristic design, forms a stylish detail that enriches every living environment. It excels with its elegant, flat surface-mounted housing, which protudes only 17 mm over the wall and is easy and intuitive to use for every age group.


At a glance: Explore the remarkable details of the new video indoor station.

Our new VICO video is now available in English - get inspired by the design details and functions of our new video indoor station.

The VICO is equipped with a big high resolution 5“ color touch display that is activated when a door call comes in and shows a high resolution video image from the door station. Additionally to that the door call is signalled by lighting up the three keys accepting a call, muting and door opener and by playing the ringtone.

Excellent and clear transmission of speech as well as the privacy function during an active door call go without saying

The three keys of the VICO are designed in a vanishing print, so that they can only be seen in the innovative glass surface when they are actually needed, i. e. when the user activates the indoor station by touching it or if a door call comes in. Therefore it is possible to create a minimalistic and clear structure that impresses.

All other functions and settings are done via the main menu, as e. g. brightness, contrast, internal call addresses, volume of ringtone and speech and many more.

The most important settings in the menu, such as connecting the VICO indoor station to a certain door call address or internal call address, are password protected, so that they cannot be changed unintentionally by the user. It goes without saying that all other functions, i. e. setting luminance, volume etc. are available to the user without any restrictions.

All in all the new VICO by SKS excels in all areas – proven SKS BUS technology in combination with an outstanding puristic design and excellent functionality speak for themselves.

VICO Functional overview

Call menu

When a door or floor call comes in the camera images automatically displayed. When touching the display the call menu is opened. Using this you can change into the main menu,activate special functions like opening a floor door or calling the concierge (only with additional switching actuator or BUS actuator module) or − if installed − turning on the image memory function.

Image storage

The optional image storage function of the VICO (only in combination with media coupler 300102) improves the residents‘ feeling of security. Are the technical functions available, a camera image of the visitor is stored for every incoming door call. Thus the user can keep control of who has called in during his absence.



Muting is done intuitively via the clearly structured menu. The duration of the muting can be chosen by the resident. After that chosen time span (at the latest after 24 hours) the ringtone is automatically switched back on.

  • SKS BUS technology
  • Real glass surface
  • Capacitive tactile sensor for accepting calls, opening doors and muting (ringtone is automatically reactivated after the chosen time span, after a maximum of 24 hours)
  • Further settings like changing the ringtone volume or ringtone melody, colour, contrast and luminance settings are done via the 5“ touch display
  • Optical signalling of calls by the sensor keys
  • Automatic door opener function
  • One-man installation and programming
  • Optionally parallel operation of up to 3 indoor stations
  • Key functions in the menu are password protected, so they can not be changed unintentionally
  • „Vanishing print“: Keys appear automatically when a door call comes in or the display is touched
  • All in all 12 ringtone melodies for door and floor calls
  • Ringtone volume adjustable
  • Menu language in German or English
  • Hands-free operation
  • Audio and video privacy function
  • Internal call function
  • Optional image memory function
  • Surface-mounting (Installation on FM- or inwall box necessary)
Product variants


Item no.DescriptionColor
100074VICO indoor station video, hands-free, 6-wire, real glass surfacewhite
100075VICO indoor station video, hands-free, 6-wire, real glass surfaceblack