SKS Basic line door stations (BL2012)

The series SKS Basic Line is the basic product in the area of door stations and is characterized by elegant and timeless design. Haptics as well as its user friendliness are features which will convince any target group.

  • elegant design due to screwless mounting
  • easy installation due to prewiring reduces commissioning times
  • protection against vandalism: front and name plates can only be opened using SKS tools
  • name plates can be changed from the front
  • space saving camera/speech module as single unit
  • automatic day/night camera switchover
  • camera and nameplates are flush-mounted in the frontplate
  • compatible with all SKS-Bus intercom units
  • flush-mounted, enclosure depth 45 mm

Flush-mounted combination of name plate and button

Elegant design by screwless mounting

Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Eingangsspannung a+ / b- 22 - 25 VDC
Ausgangsspannung L / M3 - 4 VDC
Ausgangsstrom L / MMaximal 15 mA
Namensschildbeleuchtung an LD / MMaximal 2
Einbauhöhe der Türstation1,45 bis 1,60 m (Bezug Kamera-Objektiv)
Lichtempfindlichkeit0,2 Lux (Farbe) und 0,05 Lux (schwarz/weiß)
AuflösungPAL, 795H x 596V Pixel, 650 TV-Linien
BlickwinkelHorizontal 100° und Vertikal 80°
Temperatur-10 °C bis +50 °C
Feuchtigkeit20 % bis 90 % nicht kondensierend
Frontplatte Aluminium silber eloxiert, Plattenstärke 4 mm
Abmessungen Front (Breite x Höhe x Tiefe)135 x 190 bis 365 x 4 mm (50 mm mit UP-Kasten)