SKS letterbox systems


Plan your own entrance with a variety of design options. Individual custom-made solutions of letterbox systems, pillars and door stations are our daily business. 

Perfect solutions

We accompany and advise you on your choice of various surfaces and materials (such as stainless steel, aluminium or galvanized steel sheet). Whether you prefer letterboxes with standard flaps, bigger letter flaps or with a soft-close-function, the choice is yours. SKS offers different locks as well as a selection of name plates. Individual cladding, plaster cover frames and frameworks make your letterbox system unique. Moreover, further communication elements such as loudspeaker grids, doorbell buttons and additional backlighting of the doorbell buttons are available. 

All our letterboxes comply with the current EN-Norm 13724.

Technical dimension

You will find an overview on all technical dimension here.

The following variations can be requested from SKS:

Choose the design for your entrance. No matter whether you prefer horizontal, vertical or pass-through boxes specially made for door side panels or walls. We look forward to advising you.

Free-standing systems

Surface-mounted systems

Surface-mounted systems are the best choice for renovations or listed properties, as mounting is done without any masonry works. 

Flush-mounted systems

Flush-mounted systems are can be stylishly integrated into the surroundings conservative reserved?? and guaranteeing that existing driveways and walking ways walkways remain unchanged without any restrictions.

Pass-through systems for walls

Pass-through systems for walls excel especially with their excellent weather protection and thus having a very long lifetime.

Pass-through systems for door side panels

Door side panel systems ensure that there is hardly any possibility for vandalism, noise pollution or thermal bridges.


With a freestanding pillar you can design your entrance area independently from walls and facades. Door communication, letterboxes and further details are offered according to your preferences. 

Surface processing

Powder coating

As standard we use colors from the RAL range. Colors of other standards such as British Standard (BS) or Natural Color System (NCS) or effect colors such as textured paints, pearl effect colors and the like are also offered, usually for a surcharge. The standard coating is smooth/matt. 

Anodized coating

Anodized surfaces offer increased protection against mechanical stress and are weather and corrosion resistant. In addition, the stainless-steel variant and a range of anodized surfaces are offered, as well e. g. EV3 gold or C35 black.

PVD coating

PVD coating is a special process, used when a metal-colored surface is wanted. This process creates a very hard and resistant surface that is available in different colors such as bronze, brass and black.