Privacy Statement

1. General information

The subject of data protection is personal data (hereinafter called data). This refers to individual pieces of personal or factual information about a specific or specifiable natural person (§ 3 Abs. 1 BDSG). This includes all information that refers to identified or identifiable natural persons (Art. 4 No. 1 DS-GVO) such as name, address, profession, e-mail-address, phone number and possibly all user data like the IP-address.

SKS-Kinkel Elektronik GmbH (hereinafter called operator) is the accountable body (§ 3 Abs. 7 BDSG) and therefore responsible for the collection, processing, and use of personal data while the website (hereinafter called website) is being used (Art. 4 No. 7 DS-GVO). The operator shall exclusively use your personal data for purposes that are in compliance with this privacy statement. If your data is forwarded to any third party, this is only done in compliance with statutory provisions of data protection.

Should you choose to object to the collection, processing or use of your data as a whole or for individual procedures according to this privacy statement, you can do this at the contact provided in the imprint.

Please note that the use of the website may be limited or not possible at all should the right of objection be exercised.

2. Scope of data collection

2.1 Accessing and using the website

Whenever the website is accessed user data is transmitted via the respective internet browser and server log files are created. The recorded dataset includes the following information:

  • Date and time of access
  • Name of website accessed
  • IP address
  • Referrer URL (source URL from which the website has been accessed)
  • Amount of data transferred
  • Information on product and version of the browsers used

After its use the IP address is either deleted or anonymized. Through anonymizing IP addresses are changed in such a way that they may no longer be connected to a specific or specifiable, that is identifiable, natural person or that their allocation would require a disproportionally large expense in time, cost and labor.

2.2 Contact form

Please use the contact form to get in touch with the operator of the website. The following information has to be provided on the form:

  • Message
  • Company
  • Contact person
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

2.3 Clicking on E-mail

There are several options on the navigation bar and other positions on the website to open an E-Mail to the operator or another firm with just one klick. The sender that is automatically inserted is the E-Mail address connected to your E-Mail program.

If you do not wish to have your E-Mail address retrieved in this way you can change the settings of your respective E-Mail program.

2.4 Save VCard

Contact information for the operator’s employees as well as the staff of additional firms is listed on the operator’s website. In particular, there is the possibility to save the respective electronic business cards. If the menu button “Save VCard” is clicked, your E-Mail program will open and enable you to save the electronic business card. You have the option to allow or to reject this. In the latter case your data is not processed by the operator or a third party.

2.5 Catalogue request

You may order a catalogue on the website. The following data has to be provided to do this:

For planners, architects, Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (residential building association) or electricians

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail address

For end users

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

2.6 Product sample request

The operator requires the following data to process the request for a product sample:

  • Name and location of project
  • Company
  • Contact person
  • Street
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

2.8 Right of appeal with the respective supervisory authority

In case of breaches of data protection law the party concerned has the right of appeal with the respective supervisory authority. The competent authority for data protection law is the German Comissioner for Data Protection of the state where our company is located. A list of German Comissioners for Data Protection and their contact data can be downloaded from the following link:

2.9 Right of data portability

You are entitled to have any data, that we process automatically based on your consent or while fulfilling a contract, handed out to either you or a third party in a common, machine-readable format. In case you demand the data to be transmitted to another party, this will be carried out only if it is technically feasible.

2.10 SSL- and TLS-Encryption


For safety reasons as well as for the protection of confidential data like orders or inquiries that you send us as the operator of this site, this website uses an SSL- or respectively TLS-enscryption. The encrypted connection can be recognized by the browser address changing from ” to “https://” as well as the lock symbol showing in your browser. Whenever the SSL- or TLS-encryption is activated, data transmitted to us by you, cannot be spied out by third parties.


2.11 Data-protection supervisor

You may reach our data protection supervisor under dsb(at)

3.    Scope of data processing

3.1 Improvement of the website

Server log files are analyzed in anonymized form by the operator to continuously improve the website, to make it more user-friendly as well as to find errors more quickly and to eliminate them and to control server capacities. In this way it is possible to track peak times in the use of the website and the operator is then able to provide the respective data volume.

3.2 Communication and transfer of information

In addition, the operator may collect, process and use your data to communicate with you. In particular, the operator uses your personal data to react to your contact request and to send the requested catalogue or product sample to you.

3.3 Advertising

The operator shall use your personal data for advertisements provided you indicated your consent or as permitted in accordance with statutory regulations.

4. Use of cookies for the operation of the website

A part of the operator’s services requires the use of so-called cookies. These are small text files/data packages that normally consist of letters and numbers and that are saved on a browser if you visit certain websites. The cookies allow the website to recognize your browser, follow you while browsing through various sections of the website and to recognize your browser whenever you come back to the website. Cookies do not contain data that can identify you, however, the information about you that has been saved by the operator may be assigned to the data received and saved in cookies.

Information that the operator obtains from you by using cookies may be used for the following purposes:

  • Recognition of the user’s computer when the website is visited
  • Traceability of browsing activity of the user on the website
  • Improving user friendliness of the website
  • Rating the use and effectiveness of the website
  • Operating the website
  • Fraud prevention and improving the security of the website
  • Individual design of the website so that it is tailored to the user’s requirements

Cookies do not cause any damage to a browser. They do not contain any viruses and do not allow their operators to see or manipulate your data. 2 types of cookies are being used:

  • Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when you exit the browser (session cookies).
  • Permanent cookies, however, have a maximum lifetime of up to 20 days. Through this type of cookies, the browser may be recognized when revisiting the website.

With the help of cookies, the operator is able to understand usage of the website and use this information correspondingly for the purposes listed above. In addition, the use of cookies optimizes browsing the operator’s website. This data again is exclusively collected in anonymized form.

Of course you may visit the website without cookies. If you do not want the operator to recognize your computer, you can prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive by selecting to block cookies in your browser settings. The instructions provided by your browser manufacturer show you how exactly to do this. If you choose not to accept cookies this may restrict your use of certain functions on the website.
To delete cookies on your browser please refer to the instructions of your browser.

5. Use of cookies for other purposes and for advertising

The operator uses the web analysis tool Piwik. This tool uses cookies to enable the operator to analyze usage of the website. For this purpose, usage data that has been generated with cookies (including your IP address automatically masked for anonymity) is transmitted to the operator’s server and stored for the analysis of website usage. Your IP address is immediately anonymized in the process so that you as a user stay anonymous for the operator. The information about your use of the website that is generated by cookies is not passed on to a third party. Placing of cookies may be prevented by the corresponding setting on your browser but then you may not be able to make full use of all functions available on this website.
If you do not wish your data to be stored and analyzed for the purposes listed above, you may revoke the permission at any time. In this case your cookie will be modified to read „opt-out“, meaning that Piwik will not collect any session data.

Please note: Should you choose to delete your cookies, the consequence will be that the opt-out cookie is deleted as well. In that case you need to reactivate it.

At any time may you object to the collection and storage of your personal data with effect for the future. Please click on the link below to use your right of objection: