SKS COMFORT door station multi-touch

The COMFORT door station provides special accents for the entrance area. This sophisticated video door station with a 14.5cm (5.7”) multi-touch color display is as easily and intuitively operated as a smartphone or tablet.

The new COMFORT door station is therefore appealing to all target groups – in apartment complexes and residence halls, office buildings, multi-office practices as well as entrances to underground parking.

The door station only protrudes 8 mm from the wall. It may also be flush-mounted into a front panel or pillar. The bright display is protected by safety glass which also allows for easy and sanitary cleaning. The COMFORT door station has no visible slots for the speakers and no push-buttons, emphasizing the award-winning design features.

An optional IP version is available (12/2016)



Customized display

The COMFORT door station may also be used as an information system since the user ­interface is freely customizable. Images and additional texts may be added to the names e.g., company logos, departments or floors in which the resident is to be found.


Barrier-free (DIN 18040)

In compliance with the latest DIN 18040 regulation this door station offers not only acoustic signals but for the hearing impaired also visible messages on the current state (symbols and texts) on the display. The text “call sent” appears once the door bell has been rung. The text “you are talking to …“ appears once the call has been answered and is followed by „door open“ if the door opener has been activated.


Maximum security

Via the code lock function the COMFORT door station may also be used to open the front door. Enhanced security is provided thanks to the fact that the position of the numbers from 0 to 9 is rotated on the display after each use.

Easy handling via a multi-touch color display


Welcome screen

If a person approaches the door station, the color display will automatically turn on.


Selecting names

Names may be selected by a swiping or scrolling function. By simply touching the screen the desired name is selected and the respective doorbell activated. The visitor receives acoustic and visual feedback for the functions selected.


Comfort search function

For larger apartment complexes or office buildings names can be found quickly with the help of a search function and virtual buttons.


Due to the tree structure names can be easily searched

At a central entrance the individual residents of the building may be assigned to a level (e.g., house 1 to 6 in a residential complex).


Easy start-up/configuration

Easy start-up of the door station via the Web interface using a PC/laptop is possible. There is also the option of completing the configuration directly at the door station.

It is possible to program an individual greeting, opening hours or the location of the apartment for each user. This information is displayed when the door bell is rung.

Technical specifications
  • 6-wire video/audio technology
  • suitable for all SKS BUS audio  video end devices
  • 14.5 cm (5.7“) display with multi-touch function
  • easy and intuitive operation
  • direct configuration on the device or web based
  • no visible speakers
  • vector graphics optional instead of text
  • code lock function with figures rotating on the display after each use
  • different levels may be set up, e.g. for different departments
  • suitable for barrier free constructions in compliance with DIN18040
  • safety glass for vandalism protection
  • available for installation in front door stations or letter box systems (ML version)
  • protrudes only 8 mm from the wall when flush-mounted
Product variants


60001110COMFORT door station Multitouchblack
60004410COMFORT door station Multitouch MLblack
60001210COMFORT door station Multitouchwhite
60004510COMFORT door station Multitouch MLwhite

IP version (Available end 2016)

60004610COMFORT IP-door station, 6-wireblack
60005110COMFORT IP-door station ML, 6-wireblack
60004810COMFORT IP-door station, 6-wirewhite
60005010COMFORT IP-door station ML, 6-wire



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