SKS Status module

See what you can't hear – barrier-free handling for the hearing-impaired

The status module simplifies everyday life of the hearing impaired who may not be able to assure that the doorbell actually rang or who cannot hear the buzz of an electric door opener. 

Using the upgrade with the status module these users will receive a visual confirmation (symbol and text) if

  • the call has been sent successfully;
  • the call has been accepted inside the building;
  • the door is opened.

The status module is suitable for indoor and outdoor application and convinces with an 8.9 cm screen (3.5") and a brilliant image resolution.

Zustandsmodul mit Detailaufnahme zu allen Möglichkeiten
Technical data
Structural plan

The new DIN 18040 "Barrier-free building" requires intercom systems and door-openers to be equipped with visual signals for the hearing-impaired. The SKS status module thoroughly meets these legal requirements and all BUS systems of the SKS-portfolio may be upgraded accordingly.

(In addition, the status module comes with a TFT display which is protected by acrylic glass. The status is presented visually by texts and symbols. There is the additional function of using the status module as a diagnostic device for reading out the status of SKS 2-wire and 6-wire-Bus systems. If applicable, please contact Support.)

Another advantage is the possibility to use the status module as a diagnostic device to read out the status of the SKS BUS-system.

Electrical data
Input voltage a+ / b-19 – 26 VDC
Current consumption60 mA
Load unit6
General information
Size of displayTFT display: 8.9 cm (3.5“)
Display resolution320 x 240 pixel
Display brightness600cd/m²
Temperature-25 °C bis +75 °C
Humidity20% to 90% non-condensing
HousingPlastic housing
IP classIP20
CertificationDIN 18040 „barrier-free constructions“