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Overview of our IP products

IP COMFORT Übersicht

COMFORT IP door station

The SKS COMFORT IP door station forms a stylish entry into the SKS IP world and thus allows for building extensive systems as to user numbers and wire lengths.


Media coupler

The media coupler is used to connect the SKS IP network to SKS BUS systems. Thus it is possible to join various BUS segments into one complete system or to connect SKS IP systems to 6-wire indoor stations.


IP Multi function actuator, 8-fold

The SKS IP multifunctional actuator 8-fold with its 18 inputs (16 digital and 2 analogue) and all in all 8 outputs is used for various tasks in the overall system.

Detailaufnahme IP-Switch 10-Port PoE

IP Switch 10-Port PoE

The IP-Switch 10-Port PoE 300114 for REG mounting (on DIN rail in the distribution) allows for the networking of up to 10 devices.


IP power supply PoE

Using the IP Voltage supply PoE 300115 in combination with the IP Switch 10-port PoE 300114 it is possible to operate COMFORT IP door stations and/or other PoE(+)-capable devices.