SKS BSH2012 Audio

With the BSH2012 Audio which can intuitively be operated SKS sets an actual standard: Without any compromise this indoor station focuses with its design on the essential. The BSH2012 Audio sets a standard for all SKS basic models in the segment of indoor stations with receiver.


The BSH2012 Indoor station is able to communicate with SKS door stations and other SKS indoor stations and a door can be unlocked. The BSH2012 Receiver Indoor station is operated mainly by the touch keys above the receiver. Using these most func-tions are performed and settings are changed.

The BSH2012 covers the size of the previous indoor station HT4500-3MS (800079), so that no repair work is necessary when exchanged.

BSH2012 Audioinnensprechstelle in weiß mit Hörer und sechs Tasten
BSH2012 Audioinnensprechstelle mit Hörer in weiß Detailaufnahme

Receiver held on by magnet

BS2012 Audioinnensprechstelle in weiß auf Betonwand mit Redet Designaward

Also available as free-hands version

BSV2012 Videoinnensprechstelle in weiß auf Betonwand mit Designpreisen

Overlook everything with the video call station BSV2012

  • SKS BUS technology
  • Indoor station with receiver, (the ergonomic receiver is held by a magnet; accepting calls by picking up the receiver)
  • Key functions: Opening door, adjusting volume of calls and ringtones, muting (ringtone is reactivated automatically after 12 hours), potential-free switching functions possible (via switching actuator 300022  or BUS actuator module 300095, without additional wires)
  • Optical call signalisation with LEDs
  • Audio privacy function
  • One-man installation and programming
  • Optional parallel operation of up to 4 indoor stations
  • 8 door call and 4 floor call ringtones
  • Ringtone volume can be adjusted in 5 steps
  • Operation via 6 concave touch keys (allow for an optimal operability at any age)
  • Audio and video indoor stations can be combined within one structure
  • Surface mounting
Product variants
200027BSH2012, Audio, receiver, 2-wirewhite
200029BSH2012, Audio, receiver, 2-wire, with ADO functionwhite

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