SKS BS2012 Audio

The BS2012 is the innovation of the SKS basic audio free-hands indoor stations. Six concave touch keys make orientation and operation easy at any age.

Easy handling 

As all SKS indoor stations the BS2012 Audio hands-free presents itself in a well-balanced design with emphasis on key functions only.

Long life and simple cleaning are guaranteed by our conscious decision to omit mechanically movable elements.

With a depth of just 13 mm the indoor station protrudes just minimally and offers proven SKS technology in a minimum space. Harmonic ringtones add to your well-being.

Reduced to the basics with an optimal touch the indoor station BS2012 hands-free is an ideal product without any compromise for any constructor.

BS2012 Videoinnensprechstelle in weiß mit 6 Tasten

BS2012 Audioinnensprechstelle mit optischem Rufsignal

Optical call indication

An additional optical call indication via LED draws the attention e. g. of hearing-impaired people to the visitor. 8 front door and 4 floor ringtones are eligible.

BS2012 Audioinnensprechstelle in weiß, Ansicht der flachen Bauweise

Flat design 

With only 13 mm installation depth, the BS2012 Audio adapts itself very well to the respective living environment.

BS2012 Aluminiumtürstation mit passendem Zubehör

Set offer 

The SKS BS2012 is also available as a set, including an aluminium-door station (surface-mounted). 
Further information about the set

  • SKS BUS technology
  • Hands-free
  • Key functions: Answering calls, opening door, adjusting volume of speech and ringtones, muting (ringtone is reactivated automatically after 12 hours), potential-free switching functions possible (via switching actor 300022 or BUS actuator module 300095, without additional wires)
  • Optical signalling of calls by LED
  • Audio privacy function
  • One-man installation and programming
  • Parallel operation of up to 4 indoor stations optional
  • 8 door call- and 4 floor call ringtones
  • Ringtone volume can be adjusted in 5 steps
  • Speech volume can be adjusted in 3 steps
  • Operation via 6 concave touch keys (allows for an optimal operability at any age)
  • Audio and video indoor stations can be combined within one structure
  • Installation on FM- or inwall box necessary
  • Surface-mounting
Product variants
200021BS2012 Audio, hands-free, 2-wirewhite

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