PolygonGarden, Berlin

SKS in state-of-the-art architecture

The versatile residential ensemble PolygonGarden rises like a sculpture in the district Samariterviertel in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The most stunning feature is the glass façade with clear contours that purposefully breaks with the Wilhelminian style in its surroundings.

The expressive window front reflects the cut of a prism. This distinctive look is refined by exposed concrete elements and partially movable panels that produce an intriguing and dynamic appearance and at the same time serve as blinds.


Individually tailored solutions regarding function, size and installation type

Different access situations require individually tailored solutions regarding function, size and installation type. Options range from flush mounted units in a variety of house facades to units that are integrated into door side panels. Due to the diverse surroundings with many variations, the design of the units has purposefully remained clear, straight and simple, and informative.

50 units that are to be accessed directly from the street and further 100 units accessed via a passage way that leads to separate doors accessible through an atrium. At the passage way all addresses accessible via this atrium are clearly displayed in a combined door station. In all apartments the door station DS201 Video represents the ideal complement for state-of-the art communication in modern architecture.

Used SKS audio and video intercoms:


DS2010 Video