SKS COMFORT door station Multitouch 5.7“

Multifunctionality in its most beautiful form – audio/video door station, access control and information system at once.


The COMFORT series excels especially with its easy operation via a multi touch color display and thus is attractive to all age groups – in residential areas and student residences, office buildings, joint practices or underground car park accesses.

Almost barrier-free
following DIN 18040

Easy operation via a multitouch color display

Customized display with company logo

The COMFORT door station may also be used as an information system as the user interface offers freely customizable blocks. Images or additional text may be displayed for each resident, e. g. company logos, departments or floors in which residents can be found.

Finding names 

Names can be searched by wiping or scrolling. By simply touching the name you choose it and activate the door bell. The visitor gets an optical feedback on the actual function.

Further highlights of the COMFORT door station Multitouch

Comfort search function

For larger residential estates or office buildings names can be found easily and safely via the search function with a virtual key pad.

Barrier free (DIN 18040)

The hearing-impaired get symbolic and textual status information on screen: After ringing „Ruf gesendet“ (Call has been sent) appears on the display. When the call is answered „Sie sprechen mit...“ (You are talking to) is displayed and when the door opener is activated it says „Die Tür wurde geöffnet“ (The door has been opened).

Maximum security

Via the virtual code lock function the COMFORT door station may also be used to open the front door. Enhanced security is provided as the numbers (0-9 in the key pad display) can be automatically shuffled after each use.

Welcome screen

If a person approaches the door station, the color display is switched on automatically.

Well-structured name search using groups

At a central door the residents of each house can be assigned to a group (e. g. houses 1 to 3 in a residential estate).

Flush-mounted installation

For flush-mounting and an optimal protection against vandalism we recommend to install the COMFORT in a screwless housing, consisting of a stainless steel front panel and an in-wall housing.



Easy start-up and configuration via the Web interface, using a PC/laptop. There is also the option of configuration directly at the door station.

Technical specifications
  • 6-wire video/audio technology
  • Compatible with all SKS BUS audio and video indoor stations
  • 14.5 cm (5.7“, 640 x 480 pixels) sized multitouch display
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Almost barrier-free
  • Configuration at the device or via web interface
  • Bell button as text or vector image (jpg, png or svg)
  • Code lock function with random number display
  • Various levels possible e. g. for different departments or floors
  • Protected against vandalism by safety glass
  • Two types of installation: stand alone in-wall or cavity wall, here the COMFORT multitouch protudes just 8 mm over the wall, alternatively it can be installed flush-mounted in an in-wall housing with stainless steel front panel, a stele or post box system
Product variants


Item no.DescriptionColor
60001110COMFORT door station multitouch, 6-wireblack
60004410COMFORT door station multitouch ML, 6-wire*black
600057In-wall housing for screwless installation 

* To be built into item 600057 or individually manufactured door stations by SKS.


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