SKS doorbell push buttons

The doorbell push buttons assortment of SKS features high quality, a great diversity of materials and a simple handling.

When ordering please include the plate number provided in the door station.


800817 Etagentaster Edelstahl mit flachem Rand

Max. operating voltage 12 V

External dimensions: Ø 22 mm
Punching dimensions: Ø 19 mm

Antivandalismus Hügelkontakt mit Klingeltableau mit Feder

800673 Anti-Vandalismus Hügelkontakt mit Feder, V2A

External dimensions: Ø 16 mm
Punching dimensions:  Ø 14 mm


800402 Muldenetagentaster verchromt

(for KINI door stations)

External dimensions: Ø 20 mm
Punching dimensions: Ø 15 mm



800383 Lichttaster

Max. operating voltage 12 V

External dimensions: Ø 22 mm
Punching dimensions: Ø 16,2 mm

Klingelplatte in silber auf Edelstahl

600027 Bell button plate stainless steel

Attachment is invisible with two holes in the wall, the supplied dowels are simply inserted and, using the bolts enclosed and threads on the back, the plate is firmly connected to the wall.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 6 mm