SKS HTV4600 – a clear line

The HTV4600 convinces with a lean appearance and a noble surface. The HTV4600 reduces the operating elements to the essential. The user is not subjected to unnecessary functions and can operate the indoor station intuitively.

Simple handling

The HTV4600 video intercom reduces the operating aspect to the basics and allows for an easy and intuitive use. Via 6 buttons it is possible to open the door, to regulate the ringtone volume, contrast, brightness and colour of the display, change the ringtones (8 front doors and 4 floor ringtones) and activate the call deactivation. Via an additional potential-free switching function, for example, the stair light can be switched on.

Designpreise Redford und if
HTV4600 Videoinnensprechstelle in weiß und schwarz mit 6 Tasten und Hörer

HTV4600 Displaybild mit Mädchen

Audio-visual call signalling

As soon as a door call is made, the big colour display shows the visitors in the front door pin sharp. Simultaneously, there is an additional optical call indication via LED which draws the attention i.e. of hearing-impaired people to the visitor.

Foto Mutter und Tocher für Display-Anzeige

An ideal solution for all age groups 

The ergonomic receiver of the HTV4600 is held on by magnet – an ideal solution for all age groups.

HTV4600 Videoinnensprechststelle Detailaufnahme der Tasten und Funktionen

Internal communication

Optionally, the HTV4600 is available with five extra functional keys for the internal communication for up to five other intercoms in the house.

  • SKS BUS technology
  • Key functions: Opening door, adjusting volume of calls and ringtones, muting (ringtone is reactivated automatically after 12 hours), adjusting color, contrast and brightness
  • Switching functions possible (without additional wires, via switching actor 300022 or BUS actuator module 300095)
  • Automatic activation of TFT color display when door call comes in
  • Optical call signalling by LED
  • Receiver is held by a magnet (allows for an optimal operability at any age)
  • Audio and video privacy function
  • One-man installation and programming
  • Parallel operation of up to 3 indoor stations optional
  • 8 door call- and 4 floor call ringtones
  • Ringtone volume can be adjusted in 5 steps
  • Optional 5 additional keys for internal communication
  • Surface-mounting
Product variants

With glass cover

100039HTV4600 (6 keys), 6-wire white

With plastic cover

100041HTV4600 (6 keys), 6-wirewhite
100040HTV4600 (6 keys), 6-wireblack

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