Belsenpark 1, Düsseldorf

SKS in classic architecture language

In Düsseldorf, namely in the district of Oberkassel, a residential ensemble with individual homes in the front street, Ria-Thiele Straße, have been set up. The architecture of the residential complex transfers the style of classic metropolitan architecture into our times. The structures work with the same materials and design principles. They differ, however, due to purposefully set accents, as for example the design of the entrance areas.

Referenz Belsenpark Gebäudearchitektur
Referenz Belsenpark Eingang
Referenz Belsenpark Ansicht Eingangsbereich

2 buildings with 83 apartments

The door stations in high-gloss finished stainless steel set a prestigious accent for the purposefully unostentatious entrance areas of the 2 buildings with 83 apartments. The anti-vandalism models of the stations were flush mounted. The illuminated street number that is flush with the adjacent area emphasizes the reduced but exclusive appearance.

The DS2010 hands-free video station is the counterpart to the door station. Here the glossy surface of the unit picks up the design concept of the polished door station and at the same time sets a ­discreet but high quality accent within the apartments.

Used SKS audio and video intercoms:


DS2010 Video