IP-Gateway II Family & Business

The IP-Gateway II extends SKS 6-wire units to allow for an IP based communication. The integration of mobile end devices provides the potential of worldwide accessibility of your SKS intercom.

The IP-Gateway II is used for the connection of a variety of compatible end devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or (video-) IP phones.

In order to be able to use the function one respective license for a fixed term is required per end device. This license is subject to a fee. License fees upon request.

IP-Gateway II Family
IP-Gateway II Business
Comparison Family/Business

Exemplary layout for a single-family home


Exemplary layout of an apartment building, dorm or multi-purpose building with the advantage of only having to plan a single IP gateway for several units.

Life time licenses included2
Worldwide accessibility
App for mobile end devices
PC application (Windows)
Remote maintenance
Number of bus addresses396
Cloud back-up
Parallel end devices per call510

Technical specifications

  • Interface between the SKS 6-wire bus and the IP networks
  • Transmission of call, audio, video and control signals of the door station to local IP subscribers or via the internet on mobile end devices.
  • Simultaneous call to a maximum of 10 end devices for one house call
  • Use of IP devices (smartphone, tablet) as additional indoor stations. The SKS app is the mobile supplement to an intercom system but does not replace an indoor station. For this reason, SKS always recommends the use of a wired intercom system in addition to the app.
  • Mobile use with SKS ‘own app* (available for iOS and Android)
  • Direct camera image retrieval function
  • Control functions (e.g., door opening or turning on the lights)
  • Nominal input voltage 24 V DC
  • Nominal input current max. 300 mA
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to +45°C
  • Protection class: IP 20
  • IP Gateway II is supplied via switch mode poser supply 300085
    Usage of mobile door communication (image and voice transmission) may be limited or prohibited by the respective provider
  • Quality of image and voice transmission may vary depending on the respective quality of the site-specific wireless network (both mobile and WLAN).


For usage of the IP Gateway, SKS provides a variety of software solutions for smartphones, tablets and computers.


The actual app compatibility may vary with different end devices. For this reason, the SKS app provides a demo mode, free of charge, to evaluate the compatibility before purchase.