Analysing unit 700065

manages data of up to 5.000 RFID transponders

  • Stores 3000 incidents in the Analysing unit
  • Ethernet interface for a comfortable and centralised management of various Analysing units
  • Comfortable Windows PC management software included
  • Individual time frames configurable for each RFID transponder
  • Connection of up to 4 Proximity readers via RS485 BUS (total cable network of 200 m)
  • 4 potential free relay switch contacts to feed door openers
  • Save AES256 encoding of the Ethernet interface
  • Save AES128 encoding of the RS485 interface
  • Integrated switchable terminating resistor for RS485
  • Voltage input 207–253 VAC/50Hz
  • Voltage output 12V/200mA to supply external devices
  • Housing: ABS industrial housing

Dimensions: 215 x 126 x 95 mm