SKS IP transponder system

Using an innovative software solution the SKS IP transponder system offers extensive possibilities in managing your access control system.


Your advantages when using an SKS IP transponder system

  • Proximity readers can be installed in an unlimited number
  • Managing an access control system via personal computer (well-structured and easy to use managing software) with up to 5,000 transponders
  • Maximum security when replacing transponders, each attempt to access with a lost or stolen transponder is registered in the software
  • Programming of replacement transponders is possible in no time, the programming of the lost or stolen transponder can easily be taken over for the new one
  • The analysing unit allows for up to four switching functions for authorized transponders
  • Complete managing of the access control system centrally possible via PC and programming unit
  • Distinct identification of each transponder via an individual serial number
  • Time-related  access control authorization (time frames can be set)
  • Remote maintenance possible (if connected to the internet)

Components of the transponder system

Connected to an intercom no additional power supply is needed.
If an access control system is offered on its own, it depends on the door opener/the door control, whether an additional component is needed for opening doors. When using an alternating voltage door opener (AC) item 300033 (Transformer 12VAC/1,5A) and with a direct voltage door opener (DC) item 300071 (Switching power supply 12VDC) is needed.