BUS door speaker 300081

for up to 48 bell buttons

The BUS door speaker is to be integrated into the SKS door station (not suitable for all door stations, please contact our support). Up to 48 bell buttons can be connected to the BUS door speaker. The BUS door speaker additionally contains loudspeaker and microphone for voice communication.

For door stations with more than 48 bell buttons a further BUS Door speaker 300081 is needed, which is operated in “Extension” mode. To this Extension module another 48 bell buttons can be connected. Thus up to 96 bell buttons per door station are possible. Terminals T/T (potential-free relay contact) are connected to the door opener, the electrical door lock or similar. The direct current resistance must not be lower than 8 Ω.

  • Door loudspeaker incl. control module for up to 48 bell buttons
  • Integrated duplex controller to supress background noises
  • Working temperature: -20 °C to +65 °C
  • Protection type IP20

Dimensions: 121 x 99 x 21 mm