Sustainable and flexible: SKS parcel locker system COMFORTbox

Online orders and delivery services are in greater demand than ever before. The SKS COMFORTbox parcel locker system allows contactless deliveries around the clock by all courier companies and postal services without any restrictions. System design and production have been conceived to meet the highest demands of sustainability on the parcel box system. Short regional supply chains, recyclable materials, resource-conserving manufacturing processes and a product design based on durability and upgradeability all contribute to an excellent CO2 balance. You will be more than impressed by our flexible and individual solution for your parcel locker. The SKS COMFORTbox offers you the added value of allowing the intuitive operation of door communication and parcel locker logistics using just one control panel – the SKS COMFORT IP door station. Where required, additional front door stations, e.g. for underground car park access or side entrances, can be integrated quickly and easily. This not only simplifies parcel pick-ups but also merges all front door communication into one single digital unit, with SKS as the exclusive service partner for door communication and parcel locker systems in one. 


Features of the COMFORTbox:

  • Door communication and parcel locker in one
  • With integrated COMFORT IP door station
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Delivery authorisation for all courier companies and postal services
  • The “my sks” portal for setting up and managing the system
  • The “my sks” app for mobile door communication and parcel locker operation
  • Secure parcel reception in the absence of the recipient
  • Recipient can pick up delivered items around the clock
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Powder-coated surfaces in RAL or DB colours
  • Anti-slip bubble floor inside the lockers allows parcels to be easily gripped and acts as an additional protection against moisture
  • With illuminated child safety lock in the Size XL and XXL lockers
  • Emergency release function in all lockers
  • Configuration of barrier-reduced lockers possible
  • No 230-volt connection required
  • Locker reservations possible
  • Insurance cover per locker within Germany of up to €700 (for non-commercial use: each parcel locker is insured against fire, burglary, mains water and storm)
  • Sabotage surveillance

Special product features:


child safety lock

As an additional security measure, the COMFORTbox is equipped with a child safety lock in every XL and XXL box, which allows the respective compartment to be opened from the inside.


nubbed floor plates

The integrated nubbed floor plates prevent liquids from Leaking into  the parcels. In addition, each box can be loaded up to a maximum of 100 kg.


roof overhang

The COMFORTbox has a short roof overhang which acts as a rain drip cap.


barrier-reduced boxes

Both reserving boxes and defining barrier-reduced boxes are possible, so that the system is also easy to operate for e. g. wheelchair users.

Advantages for property developers and investors


Advantages for residents


Step by step to the parcel


Would you like more information about the COMFORTbox, the usage process and the function?

Easy to use

Detailaufnahme COMFORT Türstation mit Adressansicht

The COMFORT IP door station, integrated in the COMFORTbox, allows for both operating the parcel box and controlling the door communication. As default a 5.7” COMFORT IP door station is installed in either black or white. Alternatively, a 10.1” version in black can be installed. 

Detailaufnahme I-Pad Bedienung

Easy setup and administration for both building communication and parcel locker system can be done by the property management or concierge via the my sks portal

Detailansicht my sks APP Paketempfang

The my sks app informs the resident via push notification about incoming door calls and the delivery of parcels to the COMFORTbox. The required PIN code for accessing parcels when delivered is generated automatically by the system and is directly transmitted via a push notification. 

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