SKS il vetro video

Using special safety glass with integrated sensor technology enabled us to achieve an extremely flat design. This results in a reduction to clear lines and the slim silhouette of il vetro.

Intuitive operation

The il vetro is easy and intuitively to operate via capacitive touch sensors for call acceptance, door opener and setting of the ringing volume. 8 different polyphonic front door and 4 floor ringtones are eligible. 

By activating the call deactivation it is also possible to mute the il vetro for 12 hours. After this time the call automatically switches back on again. More than two freely assignable keys can be activated e. g. the hall light, open a gate or inform the concierge. 



Big colour display

The big 8,9 cm (3,5") TFT colour display is automatically switched on as soon as an incoming door call is made. The display provides clear images featuring details in high-definition.


Optical call indication 

An additional optical call indication via LED draws the attention e.g. of hearing-impaired people to the visitor.



The high-quality safety glass finish and the lateral sound outlet allows an easy, hygienic cleaning.

Technical specifications
  • SKS BUS technology
  • high quality safety glass surface
  • key functions: call acceptance, door opening, setting the volume and the melodies of the ringtone, switching it off (call is automatically switched back on after 12 hours), setting of color, contrast, and brightness, switch function available (via switch actuator 300022 (4507) without additional wires)
  • optional internal call for up to 2 additional parties possible
  • TFT color display is automatically switched on when door bell is rung
  • visual signal for call via LED
  • operated via capacitive sensor keys
  • video and audio privacy function
  • one-man installation and programming
  • optional parallel connection of up to 3 indoor stations
  • 8 door call and 4 floor call melodies
  • 5 settings for ringtone volume
  • easy and hygienic cleaning since the glass plate has no speaker slots (speakers are on the sides
  • audio signal when keys are activated (except for keys used in setting up the display)
  • hands-free function
  • voice controlled
  • background noise suppression when speaking
  • surface-mounted
Product variants
100021il vetro Video, 6-wirewhite
100020il vetro Video, 6-wireblack

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