SKS DS2010 video

Central element of the DS2010 video is the sophisticated ring used for its operation. This series is marked by a brilliant interaction between long-lasting and emotional design – as defined by Universal Design. The series offers audio and video stations, delivered as hands-free models or with a receiver.

Simple handling

Operation of this device is centrally located and organized in a central control element. The speech function is additionally visualized by an LED ring.

The DS2010 device which offers a receiver is suitable for any target group because the receiver has an ergonomic shape and is attached to the unit with a magnet for easy positioning.



Audio-visual signalling

With door call the big colour display shows the visitors in the front door pin sharp. At the same time there is an additional optical call indication via a luminated ring which draws the attention i.e. of hearing-impaired people to the visitor.


Image Storage

Optionally available image storage may store up to 160 pictures. For every single door call a picture sequence of 4 images is produced and stored.


Alternatively with receiver 

The DS2010 video is available in the colours white and black, as a hands-free version or with an ergonomic receiver which is kept in place by a magnet. Up to three stations may be in use at the same time.

Technical specifications
  • SKS BUS technology
  • key functions: call acceptance (DS2010 hands-free), door opening, setting the volume and the melodies of the ringtone, switching it off (call is automatically switched back on after 12 hours)
  • adjusting contrast and brightness
  • switch function available (via switch actuator 300022 (4507) without additional wires)
  • TFT color display is automatically switched on when door bell is rung
  • visual signal for call via illuminated LED ring
  • video and audio privacy function
  • one-man installation and programming
  • optional parallel connection of up to 3 indoor stations
  • 8 door call and 4 floor call melodies
  • 5 settings on LED ring for ringtone volume
  • the menu is presented on the TFT color display (OSD function)
  • surface-mounted
Product variants


100059DS2010 video, hands-free, glossy, 6-wire white
100052DS2010 video, hands-free, 6-wire black
100057DS2010 video, receiver, 6-wirewhite
100056DS2010 video, receiver, 6-wireblack

With image storage function

100061DS2010 video, hands-free, glossy, 6-wire white
100044DS2010 video, hands-free, 6-wire black
100049DS2010 video, receiver, 6-wirewhite
100048DS2010 video, receiver, 6-wireblack

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