SKS Series il vetro audio

As an optimal addition to the il vetro video system, SKS has developed the il vetro audio which is suited, for example, as an ideal supplement for the installation in side rooms. Due to its slim silhouette and the high-quality safety glass finish, SKS has managed to create a timeless elegant design which sets extravagant accentuations in your living environment.

Clear service 

The innovative intercom is operated via 6 capacitive touch sensors: call acceptance, door opening, setting of the ringtone volume and ringtones as well as a switch function for lighting are directly selectable. Additionally, a call deactivation can be selected which is automatically switched off after 12 hours again. 

As soon as a door call is made, an additional optical call signalling via LED is activated. Up to 4 indoor stations can be connect in parallel.



Easy to clean 

The application of safety glass and the lateral sound outlet allows an easy, hygienic cleaning. Features which make the il vetro audio an ideal solution for e.g. children´s rooms, garages or hobby rooms. 


Excellent voice quality 

While hands-free calling, the voice-operated intercom with echo and background noise suppression provides a very good audibility, even in a loud surrounding.


il vetro video

The ideal addition to the audio intercom – il vetro video

Technical specifications
  • SKS BUS technology
  • high quality safety glass surface
  • key functions: call acceptance, door opening, setting the volume of the ringtone and melodies, switching it off (call is automatically switched back on after 12 hours), switch function available (via switch actuator 300022 (4507) – without additional wires)
  • optionally 2 further parties may be added to internal calls
  • visual signal for call via LED
  • operated via capacitive key sensors
  • audio privacy function
  • one-man installation and programming
  • optional parallel connection of up to 4 indoor stations
  • 8 door calls and 4 floor call melodies
  • 5 settings for ringtone volume
  • easy and hygienic cleaning due to glass plate without speaker slots (speakers are on the sides)
  • audio signal when function keys are activated
  • hands-free function
  • cancels out background noise when talking
  • surface-mounted
Product variants
200004il vetro audio, 2-wirewhite
200003il vetro audio, 2-wireblack

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