SKS DS2010 audio

Central element of the DS2010 audio is the sophisticated ring used for its operation. This series is marked by a brilliant interaction between long-lasting and emotional design – as defined by Universal Design. The series offers audio and video stations, delivered as hands-free models or with a receiver.

Central operation

All essential functions can be operated via the center key: call acceptance, door opening, setting of the ringtone volume and ringtones as well as call deactivation. In addition, a potential-free switching function can be activated to operate, for example, the light switching in the stairwell.



Optical signalling 

Besides an acoustic signal, the intercom function is accentuated with an illuminated ring which draws the attention to the visitor in front of the door.


Flat design

With only 23 mm installation depth, the DS2010 Audio captivates by its flat design. The surface-mounted intercom is available as a hands-free version or alternatively with a receiver held on by magnet, each in the colours black and white.


DS2010 Video

The ideal addition to the audio intercom – DS2010 video

Technical specifications
  • SKS BUS technology
  • key functions: call acceptance (DS2010 hands-free), door opening, setting the volume and the melodies of the ringtone, switching it off (call is automatically switched back on after 12 hours), switch function available (via switch actuator 300022 (4507) without additional wires)
  • visual signal for call via illuminated LED ring
  • audio privacy function
  • one-man installation and programming
  • optional parallel connection of up to 4 indoor stations
  • 8 door call and 4 floor call melodies
  • 5 settings on LED ring for ringtone volume
  • surface-mounted
Product variants


200026DS2010 audio polyphonic, glossy, 2-wirewhite
200022DS2010 audio polyphonic, 2-wireblack


200025DS2010 audio polyphonic, 2-wirewhite
200024DS2010 audio polyphonic, 2-wireblack

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