SKS fingerprint system FP2005

The SKS fingerprint system FP2005 is a biometric access system with fingerprint detection.

The finger is not placed on the surface. Instead it is drawn across the robust, thermal line sensor – this provides a high level of security. No trace of the fingerprint is left which could be reproduced by an unauthorised party. Neither skin type nor any minor finger injury will impair the fingerprint sensor. FP2005 also works in any weather and temperature.

The system can be supplied as a stand-alone system or installed in SKS home door stations, pillars or letterbox systems.


Good reasons for having a fingerprint system

  • Protection against loss: impossible to lose/forget keys and get locked out
  • Anti-theft protection: rules out key theft
  • Protection against forgery: every finger is unique
  • User-friendliness: user him-/herself saves legitimations (without PC or technical staff)
  • Tamper-proof: third-party abuse impossible
Areas of application
Special features
Technical data

When the finger is scanned, special features – so-called "minutiae" – are filtered out and saved and compared in the form of a biometric key. Thanks to the inbuilt heater the sensor remains reliable even in the cold and wet.

No image data are stored, only a binary code. This makes it impossible to convert it back into the fingerprint.

  • Private house entrance in detached/semi-detached homes
  • Companies
  • Access control for high-security areas
  • Alarm systems
  • Extremely easy surface assembly
  • Can be used without PC or special knowledge
  • Input voltage 8~12 VAC/DC
  • IP protection class 56, can be used outdoors
  • Robust Atmel line sensor with finger slot made from stainless steel in a modern design
  • Multifunction controller: access control, Alarm system (armed/unarmed) etc.
  • Sensor: ATMEL FingerChip > 2 million uses
  • Operating voltage: 8 – 12 VAC
  • Power consumption: max. 0.15A (without door release)
  • Relay switching capacity: 30 VAC/DC 1A
  • Relay PCB: internal, protected by housing
  • Outdoor use possible
  • Protection class: IP56
  • Temperature range: -40 °C / +85 °C
  • Noise voltage immunity: 16kV
  • Memory capacity: depends on system
  • Learning methods: depending on model
  • Learning time: 1.5 seconds
  • Recognition time: 1.5s + 0.014s x number of fingerprints

Flush-mounting: 80.5 x 80.5 mm (as 55-series flush-mounting variant)
Surface: 80.5 x 80.5 x 30 mm